Commerical Air Conditioning Services & Maintenance

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

The Absolute Integrity Team provide Air Conditioning Maintenance to Sydney businesses and domestic properties.


Regular service and Air Conditioning maintenance of your system is imperative with the units being subjected to the harsh ambient conditions of the hot Australian summer and the cold wet winters year round. Thorough cleaning and maintenance of Air Conditioning systems is important to maintaining good health and wellbeing both in the family home and commercial business environment.


Preventing the buildup of mould, scale and bacteria is achieved through regular service and air conditioning maintenance of your installations. For Domestic applications we would recommend a bi-annual service arrangement with one of our skilled service technicians attending to thoroughly clean and service your Air Conditioning Installations.


With commercial systems running for 365 days a year they can be placed under undue stress if they are not serviced on a more regular basis. For Commercial Air Conditioning Installations we would recommend a monthly Preventative Maintenance Agreement where we would attend the site at a time convenient to your business operation and carry out a fully detailed inspection of all your Air Conditioning Installations to ensure they continue to operate at their peak optimal performance.

Commercial properties often have much higher air conditioning usage than the family home. To ensure effective running of your air conditioning system and to avoid costly repairs we recommend businesses consider a Preventative Maintenance Agreement that is tailored to your businesses needs.

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Commercial Properties

Many people don't realise that air conditioning units in the home need regular servicing too.

Typically a family home has lower usage of the air conditioner than a business but mould and scale will still build up, so we recommend a bi-annual service agreement for your domestic property.

Call Simon Crowe on 0434 429 013 for more information.

Domestic Properties