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We do Covid Cleans and Air Conditioning Services for Sydney, Northern Beaches, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and surrounds.

At a time when Covid is running rife amongst the Sydney community and people are spending a lot more time indoors it is important to maintain a high standard of air quality. Whether you have had your system cleaned in the last 12 months or neglected to do so for consecutive years it is vitally important to ensure that your air conditioning system is clean and free from airborne contaminants. 


Years of neglect can result in build up on the return air filter which consists of a combination of dust, dirt, flakes of dead skin, mould, bacteria and other airborne contaminants including virus particles. Aside from the obvious health risks this can create it can also lead to a significant reduction in air flow giving the impression that the system is simply not working as well as it used to. It also places unnecessary strain on the Indoor fan motor and compressor which can lead to nuisance breakdowns, costly repairs and significant increases in power consumption resulting in excessive power bills. (copy taken from the photo sequence with first line edited)

While many coil cleaners on the market today are toxic and contain nasty chemicals the coil cleaner we use is natural and contains no toxins, this results in a safer working environment for our employees and living environment for our clients. We also use or have access to a TGA approved Covid effective disinfectant. 


Can Covid get  particles . 

Waleed Javaid, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, says it is possible, but not likely.

If someone in the house who is infected with the virus is coughing and sneezing and not being careful, then tiny virus particles in respiratory droplets could be circulated in the air. Anything that moves air currents around the room can spread these droplets, whether it is an air conditioning system, a window-mounted AC unit, a forced heating system, or even a fan, according to Dr. Javaid.

But he notes the added risk is limited and can be overcome with careful observance of the general rules for minimizing the spread of the virus. The most important point is that people with the virus should be very careful about covering their mouth and nose when they cough or sneeze.