Why it’s important to have your Air Conditioning Unit Serviced Annually

Servicing an air condtioning unit for the summer

Yesterday we attended a job in a home in Mosman to remove and replace a burnt-out indoor fan motor on an 18-year-old Carrier ducted air conditioning system.

The client mentioned throughout the service that before the fan motor burnt out that the system was extremely expensive to run and that it just didn’t seem to warm the house up even after it had been running for several hours. The owner also mentioned that it was extremely noisy and that visitors had often asked if it was raining outside whilst the air conditioning was running.

Upon completion of the fan motor replacement we inspected the return air filter and found that after years of not having the system serviced the filter was completely blocked preventing any air from passing through it and that when held up to sunlight nothing could be seen through the filter media.

It was at this point that everything started to make sense. As a result of the blocked filter the fan was unable to draw air causing the fan to flat spin resulting in the motor drawing excessive current and eventually burning itself out. It also explained the noise as the air was straining through the frame of the filter. In regard to the running costs this was caused by a lack of airflow preventing the system from heating the space efficiently and to its full capacity. This led to the unit running longer whilst trying to achieve the set point temperature consuming excessive power in the process and resulting in extraordinarily high-power bills.

In summary all of this could have been easily prevented and the end result was a costly repair which far outweighed the cost of regular maintenance.

So, what do we recommend you do with your air conditioning system?

We recommend a general service and clean be carried out by a fully qualified air conditioning service technician with a full Cert 3 in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning on an annual basis. It is also worth asking before you proceed with an installation of a new system whether the technician undertaking the works is able to provide you with after sales service to establish an ongoing relationship ensuring your system is maintained properly and kept in good working order for the duration of its lifespan.

Note that servicing annually is also required in order to honour the manufacturer’s warranty.

For further information or to arrange a general service on your air conditioning system please feel free to contact Simon at 0434429013 or visit our website www.absoluteintegrityair.com.au

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